How ADHD Affects Your Brain [4:53]


This video discusses Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, which is often misunderstood or over diagnosed.  ADHD is a very real lifetime disorder, but only affects 5-8% of the population.  The video focuses on the longitudinal studies of children with ADHD who took and did not take medication.  ADHD specifically targets the frontal lobe and cerebellum where we prioritize and coordinate our actions. It also affects several neurtransmitters, specifically it uses dopamine and other transmitters at a faster rate.  Ritalin, for instance, treats ADHD by altering this rate.

Discussion Questions

  • Does anyone know someone who takes Ritalin or another medication for ADHD?
  • Does anyone know someone who actually has ADHD?
  • Why do you think so many kids are over diagnosed?
  • What happens in someone’s brain who has ADHD?

Keywords: psychology, psychiatric, disorder, ADHD, behavior, brain, neurology, drugs


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