What is Marxism? [3:51]


This 8-bit philosophy video discusses Karl Marx, one of the greatest sociological and political philosophers of the West – regardless of what your opinion of him is.  The video explains Marx’s views on the political and economic march of history know as dialectical materialism.  It also discusses the concept of alienation, both personal and social, created by capitalism.

Discussion Questions

  • How would you define Marxism in one sentence?
  • What is dialectical materialism?  What drives history and progress?
  • Do you think Marx’s story of history is accurate?
  • Do you think that his prediction of the future progress of society is inevitable?  Likely?  Impossible?
  • Do you think the ideals of Marxism are valuable?  What are it’s pros and cons?  What are the pros and cons of capitalism?

Keywords: Communism, politics, economics, Karl Marx, history, Russia, capitalism, classism, socialism


What Did you Think of the Video??

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