The Science of Dreaming [9:02]


Dreaming is one of the coolest things that animals do… and it’s also one of the least well understood things.  This video discusses early secular theories of dreaming, starting with Sigmund Freud.  Then in the 1950’s scientists started to be able to directly measure brain activity.  What they found, to their surprise, is that the brain is buzzing with activity.  The video discusses the phases of brain activity

Discussion Questions

  • What is one of the craziest dreams you’ve had.
  • How did people explain dreams before science?  Was this a reasonable theory, given what they knew?
  • What do we know about dreams now?  Why do you think we dream?
  • Do you think there is any value to ‘analyzing’ dreams?  Can they tell us anything?

Keywords: dreams, psychology, consciousness, phenomenology, neuroscience, neurology, REM, sleep


What Did you Think of the Video??

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