Aggression v. Altruism: Crash Course Psychology [10:40]


A great review and discussion of research experiments and findings in social psychology on aggression, violence, altruism, cooperation, selfishness, in group and out group dynamics, and so on.  The video starts with a discussion of the famous Robber’s Cave experiment conducted with two groups of boys at a summer camp.  It then discusses a range of research on related topics.

Discussion Questions

  • What is Realistic Conflict Theory and how did it play out in the Robber’s Cave experiment?
  • Is group conflict inevitable or does it require certain circumstances?  What circumstances promote conflict and how can we change them to overcome it?
  • What are some of the reasons that individual people are aggressive?  Is it nature or nurture?
  • Under what conditions are we more likely to take initiative and help others?
  • What are some of the norms that motivate human altruism?
  • What is a “social trap” and what does it mean for the value of cooperation?  What are some current examples of this?

Keywords: morality, aggression, altruism, psychology, social, human nature, society,


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