President Thomas Jefferson [10:26]


A brief biography of President Thomas Jefferson, a man at the forefront of obtaining basic human rights. The video includes information about his early years, presidency, accomplishments, and his home, Monticello. The video mentions the controversy between Jefferson and other members of the cabinet, as well as the overturning of the many laws enacted under Adams.

Discussion Questions

  • How would you describe Jefferson’s legacy in our world today?
  • Why do you think Jefferson continued to own slaves despite his arguments against slavery?
  • If Jefferson was dedicated to human liberty and justice as the video states, could he have done more for slaves?
  • What would Jefferson think if he were to visit today’s society?

Keywords: Thomas Jefferson, biography, president, inventions, Monticello, declaration of independence, founding father, famous freethinker, human rights


What Did you Think of the Video??

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