Crossfire: Hypocritical Not to Pay College Athletes? [10:59]


A debate with politician Newt Gingrich, sport columnist Christine Brennan, and hall of fame athlete Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on whether or not college athletes should be treated as professionals and paid a salary or whether they should remain students receiving scholarships instead.  The debate overs a range of issues, from poverty to the value of good grades and fairness to what it means to be a professional.

Discussion Questions

  • What do they mean when they say kids are being “professionalized”?
  • What is an “incentive?”  What kinds of incentives are being debated?
  •  Is it fair for universities to make money off of their student athletes without paying them a salary?
  • Should coaches be penalized when their athletes fall behind academically?

Keywords: Ethics, Sports, Student, Athletes, Education, Fairness, Incentive, Coaches, employment,


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