Introduction to Intellectual Property [10:09]


An entertaining discussion about an often boring, but extremely important, issue.  Online piracy of movies and games, using pictures in our blogs that we didn’t take, or the speed of innovation our economy experiences are all issues that we all face in our personal lives and society today. Because the internet has changed the playing field in such dramatic ways, we all have to re-examine old concepts of property and rights, and how these affect creativity and innovation.  The video describes some of the complexity of copyright laws, but also the social issues involved.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some areas where intellectual property affects you?
  • How do property rights promote creativity and economics growth?  How can them harm both?
  • How do you think we can provide incentives for creativity as well as promote sharing the products of that creativity?

Keywords: property, rights, internet, ownership, technology, economics,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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