Music as a Language [4:59]


Music is a language, more similar to the spoken word than most realize. It can be used to communicate, it can be read and written, and it can move you. In some cases, it is even better than the spoken word because it does not need to be understood. It is felt directly. Victor Wooten implores us to teach and learn music as a child learns to speak. Make music all the time rather than once a week. Interact with accomplished musicians rather than only beginners. And find out what learners have to say rather than telling them what they are supposed to say.

Discussion Questions

  • What instrument or kind of music speaks to you?
  • What can music be used for? Name as many examples as possible.
  • Why are people afraid to make mistakes? How does this hold us back?
  • Who can make music?
  • Do you have to be an expert to make music?

Keywords: Art, culture, education, language, life skills, music, psychology,


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