Little Kids, Big Questions: Religion [5:35]


The Little Kids, Big Questions series aims to ask the real experts, a group of clever elementary school kids.  Sometimes it seems the older we get the further we find ourselves from the truth.  The host of LKBQ asks about what religion is,  what god is like, the effects of religion, and then let’s the wisdom flow (the questions below come from the video’s discussion).  The kids and host come from a mostly liberal religious worldview, and their answers reflect that.  This is a great video for younger children.

Discussion Questions

  • What did you think of their answers?
  • What is religion?  What do most people think god is like?
  • Do you think religion makes you better or worse?
  • How do most people choose their religion?  How should we try to choose?

Keywords: comparative religion, god, young kids, Christianity, theism


What Did you Think of the Video??

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