Galileo by Three Minute Philosophy [3:49]


TMP, in their characteristic quick, funny, and sometimes lewd style, discusses how Galileo changed the way that Europe at the time understood what philosophy was and, in the process, became the Father of Science.  The video runs through a hilarious narrative which pins Galileo against the dogmatic Christian Church and their understanding of “Philosophy” as the teachings of Aristotle.  This video may be more appropriate for older students since it contains a good bit of cursing and makes some more mature jokes.

Discussion Questions

  • How did Europe understand “philosophy” before Galileo?
  • What did Galileo introduce to the study of the world with the scientific method?
  • What happened in 1604 and why was it important?
  • Why is free inquiry and the opportunity to criticize dogma so important for science, and even philosophy?

Keywords: Aristotle, Galileo, science, scientific method, philosophy, famous freethinkers, reasoning, Church, dogma


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