Stone Soup [6:47]


This classic story is recast in an East Asian setting.  When three monks wander into a town, they find everyone distrusting of others, selfish, and unwilling to share.  But after the monks begin to make ‘stone soup’, the villagers come out to investigate and eventually add more themselves.  Before long, there is a huge feast and everyone learns the value of community and sharing what we have.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think all of the villagers were so stingy and didn’t want to share?
  • Do you think the villagers would have had as much fun if they stayed home for dinner?  Why?
  • What happens when we all chip in and bring what we have together?
  • How can we come together and share what we have?  What can we start doing for our community?

Keywords: storytelling, stories for kids, stone soup, community, sharing, virtues, values, feast,


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