Freedom of Religion: Crash Course Government [6:47]


This Crash Course episode provides a quick, funny description of the two clauses regarding religious freedom outlined in the Bill of Rights.  It discusses the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses and then jumps into how they are interpreted in the courts.  Though the clauses apply in all areas of society, the video focuses mostly on the legal disputes about what can be taught in schools.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the two clauses in the Bill of Rights that discuss religion and politics?
  • What is the Establishment Clause?  What is the Free Exercise Clause?
  • When can the government prevent a person from practicing their religion?  What are the “three prongs”?
  • What are some current disputes about religious freedom in the schools?  What about some other areas of society?

Keywords: politics, supreme court, religion, freedom, right, constitution, jurisprudence, law, education


What Did you Think of the Video??

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