The Social Consequences of Everything (Parody) [2:09]


This College Humor video uses humor to poke fun at the idea that in almost everything we do we are tacitly or indirectly making some negative impact.  Our world is almost too interconnected.  Everything we do has a range of different effects, with many of them negative.  As our access to information increases we’re also aware of those effects.

Discussion Questions

  • Does ‘everything’ we do have some kind of negative effect some where?  If not, what are some examples?
  • How can we live life while still changing our behavior responsibly based on new information?
  • If we shouldn’t become either completely apathetic or avoid doing anything, where is the middle ground?

Keywords: apathy, globalization, consumerism, media, society, responsibility, justice, social norms, information age,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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