Judith Butler: Your Behavior Creates Your Gender [3:00]


American philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler discusses a personal story and the basic idea of gender as performance.  She also briefly brings up the idea of gender policing, the blank slate of gender, and other related notions.  A great, short intro by an iconic figure.

Discussion Questions

  • What does she mean by gender is performed or a role we play?
  • How is gender different than sex?
  • Do you think we have a gender “from the start”?  How much does nature and nurture play affect our genders?
  • What is society’s expectation about being a “man” or being a “woman”?  How is this expectation “policed”?  How can we fight unjust policing?

Keywords: gender, sex, cis, society, norms, social, performance, feminism, queer


What Did you Think of the Video??

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