Sartre: Does Privilege Matter? [3:36]


This 8-Bit Philosophy video discusses Sartre’s theory of identity, freedom, and the world we’re thrown into.  Sartre’s theory questions whether privilege actually matters.  For him, we are all thrown into our own separate world and perspective on it.  The details of another’s world, and the goals they then create in it, simply don’t affect the value and worth of my goals in my world.  However, the video questions at the end whether we should be listening to a rich, white man as an authority on the matter.

Discussion Questions

  • What is Sartre’s understanding of freedom and the importance of choosing our own life goals?
  • What is facticity?  Why does Sartre think that privilege doesn’t matter or we should ignore it?
  • Does it matter that Sartre is a rich, white man?  Why?

Keywords: existentialism, society, racism, discrimination, privilege, philosophy, identity, power


What Did you Think of the Video??

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