Chinese story – The Ten Suns [4:01]


A great parable about empathy and compromise.  This Chinese fable tells the story of ten Suns who loved each other and traveled together.  Unfortunately, the heat from all of the suns started to scorch the earth.  The Emperor pleaded with the suns, but to no effect.  Eventually, an archer approached the suns and showed them how hot they were by reflecting their rays back at them.  The suns finally dispersed after learning the damage they were doing.

Discussion Questions

  • Why did the suns want to travel together?  And why didn’t they listen to the emperor?
  • What did the archer show the suns?  How did this change their minds?
  • Sometimes we don’t understand the harmful effects we cause for others.  How can we make sure we don’t accidentally hurt people like the 10 suns?

Keywords: parable, storytelling, children, kids, East Asia, myth, empathy, harm, unintentional


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