Khan Academy: Reconciling Intelligent Design & Evolution [11:35]


This Khan Academy introductory lesson aims to “reconcile” the conflicting theories of evolution and intelligent design, while narrator tries his best not to offend anyone.  It starts by discussing how awe inspiring the eye is, but then points out that the human eye isn’t perfect at all and that this might imply a nontheistic worldview. He then hesitantly recommends that this should inspire humility.  In order to provide a compromise, the narrator concludes that maybe a Designer, if there is one, would set up the simple and elegant laws of natural selection instead of getting directly involved itself in the details.

Discussion Questions

  • What critique of Intelligent Design can we take from the example of the eye.
  • What compromise between ID and Evolution does the narrator finish with?  Do you agree?
  • How do fractals illustrate the narrator’s points about design, simplicity, and complexity?  How does it relate back to evolution vs design?

Keywords: evolution, creationism, religion, nature, natural selection, intelligent design, God,


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