The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History [11:10]


Over 15,000 years humanity went from hunter gatherers to mass producing agriculturists, even though most of us will never grow food.  The video starts with quick discussion of hunter gatherers and then goes into the independent development of farming around the world.  The video also discusses why we domesticated only certain animals and plants and not others.  It ends with question about whether or not the agricultural revolution was a good thing.

Discussion Questions

  • What was life like for hunter gatherers?  What about herders?
  • Where did agriculture first arise?  What kinds of things were grown?
  • What are some of the theories about why and how agriculture started?
  • What are some of the advantages of farming?  Disadvantages?
  • What would life be like without agriculture?  Would it be, on the whole, better or worse?

Keywords: agriculture, food, capitalism, economics, McDonald’s, farming, hunting, gathering, herding, animals, production,


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