Does Recycling Actually Help? [2:35]


This video focuses specifically on the use, waste, and reuse of plastic bottles in the US.  It provide a lot of information on how plastic bottles are recycled and what happens when we don’t recycle them.  Some of the numbers discussed, for instance how many bottles the average American uses and recycles, are staggering.  This video provides some good, quick background info.

Discussion Questions

  • How are plastic bottles recycled?  What happens to them afterwards?
  • What happens when we throw bottles in the trash?
  • How many bottles do we waste every year?  What happens if we all don’t recycle our waste?
  • What can we as a society do to stop this?  What can we do as individuals?

Keywords: recycling, waste, consumerism, consumption, environment, pollution, landfills, garbage


What Did you Think of the Video??

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