The Problem of Moral Luck [6:11]


This video discusses the basics of what philosophers have called the Problem of Moral Luck.  The problem wonder why we hold some people accountable for things beyond their control, things where luck played a role.  While this seems wrong, we regularly hold murderers more accountable than attempted murderers.  The video discusses the kinds of moral luck and some solutions to it.

Discussion Questions

  • What was the thought experiment with the seat belt at the beginning of the video?  How do we react to the differently to the two scenarios?
  • What is the Control Condition?
  • What is Resultant Moral Luck?  How is it related to Circumstantial Moral Luck?  or Constitutive Moral Luck?
  • What is the Problem of Moral Luck?  Do you think there is a solution to it?

Keywords: ethics, luck, morality, moral theory, philosophy, responsibility


What Did you Think of the Video??

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