Dinosaur Hoax: Fossils [3:31]


The group Christians Against Dinosaurs presents an argument dismantling the science of paleontology,and even the existence of dinosaurs – or so they think.  The video provides exposure to the public distrust of science, conspiracy theories, logical fallacies, creationism, and an opportunity for students to form counterpoints.  The video itself rests on a poor understanding of science and an ad hominem attack on scientists.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the video’s basic argument?
  • Why do you think they distrust scientists and science so much?  What dangers do dinosaurs pose to their ideology?
  • Why they are wrong is one thing, but how would you go about trying to convince them otherwise?  Should you even try?

Keywords: biases, conspiracy theory, creation science, creationism, dinosaurs, logical fallacy, paleontology, pseudoscience, evolution


What Did you Think of the Video??

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