Peter Singer on Stem Cells and Cloning [3:09]


Philosopher Peter Singer discusses two of the most difficult issues in bioethics today: the use of stem cells and the practice of cloning.  He argues that we need laws to regular at least some bioethical issues, otherwise, for instance, wealthy individuals would be able to buy smarter, healthier babies and widen socio-economic gaps even further.  Regarding stem cells, he argues that there doesn’t even seem to be much of a need to regulate their use in research.  What matters is that a being has a capacity to be sentient, and it’s clear a bundle of cells does not.

Discussion Questions

  • What bioethical issues does Singer think we should regulate?  Do you agree?
  • Why does he see no problem at all with using stem cells for research or early abortions?  Do you agree?

Keywords: bioethics, stem cells, cloning, morality, ethics, biotechnology, abortion, utilitarianism


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