David Hume by Three Minute Philosophy [3:34]


TMP, in their characteristic quick, funny, and sometimes lewd style, discusses Hume and his philosophy, focusing mostly on skepticism, empiricism, atheism, bundle theory, and the problem of induction.  Quite a lot for 3 minutes!  This video introduces a whole bunch of issues in a fun way.  It can spark conversations, but it won’t provide much meat for them.  This video may also be more appropriate for older students since it contains a good bit of cursing.

Discussion Questions

  • What is skepticism?  What are some of it’s strengths?  Where might it fall short?
  • What is empiricism?  Do you agree our senses are all we have?  If not, how else can we know things about the world?
  • Why did Hume doubt the idea of God?  Do you think his argument works?
  • What is bundle theory?  According to this, how might we understand what an apple actually is?  How might we understand what our ‘self’ actually is?
  • What is the problem of induction?  Why is it a problem for science?

Keywords: philosophy, Hume, famous freethinkers, God, atheism, induction, knowledge, metaphysics, epistemology


What Did you Think of the Video??

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