Anansi the Spider & the Pot of Beans [7:32]


This classic story from West Africa gives a funny tale full of caution about one of the world’s greatest tricksters, Anansi the Spider.  In it, Anansi goes to help out his grandmother.  But after becoming hungry he eventually cannot resist the smell of his grandmother’s delicious bean stew.  Even though she warned him it was dangerously hot, he dug in.  I won’t give away the ending, but you can be sure further comical results ensue.

Discussion Questions

  • What would have happened if Anansi had listened to his grandmother?
  • Did Anansi disobey her when he “just” smelled the beans?  Or when he took “just” one taste?
  • Would Anansi still have been wrong even if he didn’t get caught?
  • How can we learn self control and patience so we don’t do silly things like Anansi did.

Keywords: virtue, storytelling, children, stories, Anansi, African, patience, self control, character


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